Interior designer Cari Halsey recently relocated back to the mountains in West Jefferson, North Carolina. As a professional, Cari knows how to develop an interior design concept and how to describe a design plan visually and articulate its intent so the client understands it. In addition, she is knowledgeable about materials and products that will be utilized in creating and furnishing the space, as well as how other factors such as texture, color, and lighting will combine to create the final design. She also understands and makes provision and/or corrections with regard to architectural and structural requirements, health and safety issues, building codes, and many other technical aspects.

Cari is highly organized and quite capable of handling more than one project at a time, often with demanding deadlines. She has developed excellent time and project management skills, and practices effective business planning strategies designed to facilitate each client’s project in the most efficient and pragmatic manner possible. As a design facilitator, she will help interpret your goals and individualize her services to suit and meet your needs.



Cari is comfortable meeting and dealing with all kinds of people, is an attentive listener, and can communicate her ideas clearly and effectively not only to clients, but to other team members as well, including architects, contractors and other service providers. She can readily draw on her negotiation and mediation skills when problems arise. Her reputation for quality and for seamless projects starts with effective communication with her clients, and ends with their uncompromising satisfaction.

Working with Cari is free from the types of stress that clients may fear when undertaking interior design work. Her experience and confidence gives her the ability to foresee typical problem areas associated with new construction and renovations, thus enabling her to prevent many of them from occurring in the first place. In this sort of stress-free relationship, Cari and her clients are able to truly enjoy and even thrive on the creative process, thus ensuring the best possible outcomes and results.
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